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    The direction of research conducted at the Department of Sinology is linked to the areas of research interest of the staff. All members are involved in research on (and teaching of) both traditional and contemporary issues, thus comprising imperial China as well as 20 th century China.

    Dieter Kuhn sinological specialization are 20th century and pre-modern history, especially Song history, ritual and cultural traditions of scholar-officials, the archaeology and material culture of historical periods of Chinese history, and the history of Chinese technology with emphasis on the history of Chinese textiles. He intends to strengthen research and teaching in the field of the development of traditional Chinese cultural patterns as they are documented in textual sources and material relics. At the same time he investigates the influence of such cultural patterns on post-imperial China.

    Raimund Th. Kolb's fields of research include economic and social history in the perspective of lower social classes, popular culture and the history of everyday life. Furthermore his focus is on China's present environmental quandary particularly the degradation of the agroecosystem and its historical background. Issues of historical biology, such as applied zoology or the description, classification, and systematization of the animal world are also among his topics of research and teaching. Within the framework of the Sinicum he is concerned with the teaching of geography and history as well as the contemporary situation of China. Currently Professor Kolb works on a book on the lower strata of society.


    Selection of funded projects carried out since the mid-1990s:

    A major project with several research positions was on the organisation and production of silk-weaving workshops in the Ming- and Qing-Dynasties financed by the DFG [German Research Council]. The project has been concluded in 1997. Some of the results have been published in the Würzburger Sinologische Schriften series.

    The project "Markt China" aiming at the publication of a 'Manual on Decision Making in Economics in China' focused on descriptions and explanations of economic processes, negotiation techniques and the process of decision-making in China. The project started in 1997 and was concluded in 2001.

    The Würzburger Sinologische Schriften series is published by Edition Forum, Heidelberg. The series was started in 1990 in order to publish research results, dissertations and habilitations of present, former and associated members of the Department of Sinology of the University of Würzburg. For a complete list with descriptions of publications of the series and ordering information click here. The publisher behind the Edition Forum publishing company is Dr. Hans-Hermann Schmidt, sinologist and participant of the concluded international Daozang research project which has been carried out at Würzburg University.


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